These are highlights of our solutions to serve as inspiration and to showcase some of the ways we have helped our Clients generate, transform and deliver information using our diverse toolset.

Mechanism of action explainer video

Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association

Make virtual events look and feel truly professional

OMRON Healthcare

Empower sales reps with an interactive tool

Build a spaceship to dispel medical myths

Vifor Fresenius Medical Care Renal Pharma

Transform medical information into a dramatized medical explainer video

Shoppers Drug Mart

A virtual Q&A with Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists

Animated explainer video with subject matter expert or KOL

OMRON Healthcare

Multi-segment, multi-touchpoint medical device launch campaign

iPACT, International Pharmacists for Anticoagulation Care Taskforce

Support a global network of pharmacists

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Impactfully visualize scientific information

Accredited continuing medical education (CME) e-learning course

Digital interactive exercises for online and event use

Fully animated and narrated CME

The Pharmacists Are In

Inform and educate HCPs through podcasts

iPACT, International Pharmacists for Anticoagulation Care Taskforce

Produce CME e-learning modules

Corozon Platform, e-learning and e-commerce portal

Educate pharmacists to expand their scope of practice

Avricore Health, pharmaceutical company and health innovator

Rebrand a pharmaceutical company

Modern Leaf

Leverage education to build a cannabis brand

Apply artificial intelligence to assess risk of diabetes

Vaccination cheat sheet and flowchart

Richter Pharma

Visualize the positive effects of new therapy

Munich RE / Digital Porte, life and critical illness insurance

Establish a health insurance brand on a new market

Schott, lab and specialty glass manufacturer

Amaze conference attendees

Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical and Medical

Produce 10,000 presentation slides

Patient facing medical explainer video

OMRON Healthcare

Multi-segment marketing campaign videos to launch a medical device

Richter Pharma

Demonstrate a drug's mode of action

Loblaw Companies

Dietitian Webinars, a custom built self-serve webinar portal

Customized, dedicated virtual education hub for HCPs

Children's Healthcare Canada

Host a virtual panel discussion with dynamic, customized visuals

Develop a new pharmacy brand

Fully managed, customized virtual conferences

Schott, lab and specialty glass manufacturer

Medical device presentation video


In-store interactive kiosk

Digital crossword puzzle