About Us

Who We Are

Lampyon Health Communications is an independent boutique agency founded in 1998.

From our offices in Toronto and Europe we work with Clients around the globe, which allows us to leverage international experience coupled with local Canadian market insight. This brings you global agency insight at a more relatable and cost effective level.

How We Can Help You

We excel at generating, transforming and delivering information by applying appropriate elements from our toolset to deliver highly effective, creative solutions.

For example, we generate information through market research, transform the information into a creative digital interactive experience and then deliver the information at an educational event.

Our Toolset

Marketing strategy and consulting  /  Qualitative and quantitative market research  /  Analytics  /  Branding  /  Communications  /  Medical copywriting  /  Advocacy  /  Educational course and program development  /  Creative design  /  Web development  /  Artificial intelligence, chatbots and conversational agents  /  Virtual reality and augmented reality  /  Digital interactive experiences for events and conferences

About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

Working With Us Is Easy

We have experience in the Canadian and international healthcare, pharmaceutical, pharmacy and cannabis sectors. This gives us an excellent understanding of relevant key concepts, issues, opportunities and terminology enabling us to propose specific solutions and to start working from minimal information. Let's start a dialogue!

A Proven Track Record

Over 20 years of history, over 60 professionals and an extensive network of partners means we have vast experience to build upon and have exceptional reliability to deliver. We have showcased some of the 2,000+ projects we have completed successfully over the years as case studies to give you more insight into our capabilities.

Our Management and Client Relations Team

Steve Toth Steve Toth Co-Founder, Director of Lampyon Canada
Marcell Póka Marcell Póka Co-Founder, Art Director, CEO of Lampyon Hungary
Gary Stirling Gary Stirling Business Development Manager
Yen Tran Yen Tran Market Research Director
Haya Kotob Haya Kotob Senior Project Manager
Anna Kajor Anna Kajor Project Manager

Our Team of Experts

Medical experts who know what makes your industry tick and understand your terminology, your products and services and ensure we speak the same language.

Analytical strategists who help you see your brand from a new perspective and develop a brand concept that opens the way to the heart of your target group.

Market research specialists who reach out directly to HCPs and patients to collect first-hand information to give you unparalleled insight into the key drivers and barriers of your target group.

Key opinion leaders and advocates whose word counts and who can help get your message across to key stakeholders like no one else can.

Visionary creatives, graphic designers, animators, copywriters who help your brand shine by presenting it at its best, smartest and most beautiful.

Highly skilled developers, frontend and backend, VR and AR specialists who keep your brand on top of the latest technologies, and build on them to deliver innovative solutions.

About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us