Creative Strategist

We are looking for a talented Creative Strategist to join our Team in Ontario as a full-time employee. 

As Creative Strategist, you will collaborate closely with the account services, producers, developers, creatives and production staff on all forms of integrated healthcare communication strategies (including digital, social, experiential, brand identity, AI, VR, and market research). You will take the lead in developing communication and audience strategies (including Continuing Medical Education programs) for a portfolio of healthcare clients.

You will act as a source of sound strategic counsel for clients and build longstanding, meaningful relationships with them.

You will become an important part of a friendly Team built on positive culture, trust, respect and the satisfaction of not only making a meaningful impact on our client's bottom line, but also people‚Äôs lives. We are a boutique agency with offices in Canada and Europe. We require flexibility and an ability to wear multiple hats at times, but this also comes with the reward of not being siloed and confined to a narrow area of work. We are looking for someone who is dedicated to delivering amazing results, someone who is willing to take ownership of their tasks and someone who cares!

We are currently all working from home, organically working together using Asana, Slack and MS Teams. We plan to carry on mainly working from home after the pandemic, with in person Team meetings only as needed and as preferred by the Team. Sometimes it just feels good to sit around a table and chat in person! As such, we are looking for applicants within a 50-mile range of the Toronto - Waterloo line who are able to periodically access our offices, currently based in Toronto, but potentially moving further West.

Your main responsibilities:

  • Leading and participating in strategy development for both traditional and digital initiatives for active and potential clients

  • Working with the account teams to understand client business in detail and be a welcome voice of objectivity for clients

  • Showing  interest and engagement around the latest thinking and inspiration on human psychology and behavioral science, especially in the healthcare space

  • Implementing research, collecting information, establishing facts and drawing smart conclusions to answer client strategic problems



  • BA/BS degree

  • 5+ years of relevant agency experience, with clear evidence of strategic thinking and a strong set of experience in digital platforms; with a minimum of 3 years client-facing experience

  • Demonstrated strategic experience across digital (video, web, social, content), omni-channel go-to-market strategies, and educational programs aimed at Canadian healthcare professions.

  • Solid understanding of the Canadian healthcare landscape

  • Strong written skills and proven client presentation skills 

  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and effectively

  • A proactive self-starter who takes ownership and responsibility with a desire to find innovative and creative solutions. Resourceful and curious. 

  • A passion for culture and understanding how media, technology, creativity and design are reshaping interactions between stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem


If you would like to apply for this position, please email us at with the following:

  • Your professional CV

  • A clear indication within your CV or otherwise as to your experience regarding each of the skills listed above

  • Your target amount for compensation

  • The words "grizzly bear" included somewhere in your application, to show that you have read this :)

Please note that we will only process applications that do contain all of the above!

We appreciate all applications but will only respond to prospective new team members. Please do not take this as an offence. It is merely an effort to streamline our process. Nonetheless, if you do follow-up, we will gladly provide feedback.