Digital Marketing Tools

We create innovative and effective digital marketing tools ranging from microsties, websites, mobile apps and podcasts to custom built event platforms, artificial intelligence and virtual reality based solutions to engage your target audience in ways traditional tools cannot.

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OMRON Healthcare

Empower sales reps with an interactive tool

Build a spaceship to dispel medical myths

Shoppers Drug Mart

A virtual Q&A with Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists

OMRON Healthcare

Multi-segment, multi-touchpoint medical device launch campaign

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Impactfully visualize scientific information

Digital interactive exercises for online and event use

The Pharmacists Are In

Inform and educate HCPs through podcasts

Apply artificial intelligence to assess risk of diabetes

Loblaw Companies

Dietitian Webinars, a custom built self-serve webinar portal

Schott, lab and specialty glass manufacturer

Medical device presentation video

Digital crossword puzzle